Water Jet

reno water jet steel cutting

As a complement to our fabrication and design capabilities, Tutto Ferro has an exceptional 2 Dimensional cutting operation including an OMAX Water Jet and a Torchmate Plasma table, staffed by a crew with years of experience in both industrial and aesthetic cutting and manufacturing. From full production runs to one-off prototypes, no job is too big or too small, and since we carry stock in many common materials, and provide local pickup and delivery, our turnaround time can’t be beat.


Some of the Industries we work with include:


Materials Commonly in Stock and Cut on the Water Jet


Water Jet

Our Water Jet cutting is performed on an OMAX
55100 Machine with a 55×100 inch cutting envelope
and a capacity of up to 7 1/2 inches. This is the
premier machine to use for precision, high quality
2D cutting of nearly any material. On this machine,
we have cut armor plate, 7 ½” thick steel, titanium,
concrete, glass, wood and many other materials.
The precision and capability of this machine means
that if you can draw it, we can cut it.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner]

Water Jet Specs

  • Cutting envelope 55”x100”
  • Can accommodate materials up to 60”x144”
  • Thickness capacity up to 7.5”
  • Kerf .030”
  • Cutting pressure 60K psi
  • Hold tolerance .005” at the highest quality
  • Hold tolerance .010” at moderate quality
  • Hold tolerance .001” on position
  • File types we work with: blueprints, dxf, dwg, ai, eps, the occasional hand sketch or crayon drawing.

Plasma Table

Tutto Ferro operates a Torchmate Plasma Table in addition to the Water Jet. This is an efficient and cost effective option for parts that do not require a high level of finish.

Plasma Specs

  • Cutting envelope: 60”x120”
  • Thickness: Mild steel up to 5/8”, stainless up to ¼”
  • Part marking and engraving